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Our ethics in brief

This is a shorter summary of our ethics. A more detailled page is hier.

Pro animal

  • Animal welfare is defined as an objective of Germany since 2002. We zoophiles naturally are see the animals and their well-being in the first place. Therefore we wholeheartedly support animal protection.
  • Zoosexuality can have positive aspects for the animal. These we want to promote.
  • On the other hand, zoosexuality can cause harm, mainly through zoosadism. We want to raise awareness for these causes and actively battle animal abuse.

Pro human

  • Zoophiles were always a part of society and will remain to be so. They have the same basic constitutional rights and duties. Within the framework of the German principle of a free and democratic composure of society they have the right to develop their personality, within the measure of the law, and be protected from discrimination.
  • One of the association’s goals is to enable an open-zoophile lifestylem without social backlash.

Gain true knowledge through honesty and openness

  • So far scientific results or studies concerning the broad topic of “zoophilia/zoosexuality” are lacking. We want to support scientific research, compile reliable facts and make these available.
  • As a mediator and the connection between the zoophile and non-zoophile parts of society, we want to enhance the open and honest exchange of ideas and information, to find answers for open questions. only together can we clear current problems and create a better world for humans and animals.

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