Achieving tolerance for zoophile humans:

  • being publically visible in order to demonstrate that zoophiles are common people
  • providing a public voice
  • supporting those who come out with their preference and creating a non-hidden life
  • creating personal pictures, texts and videos which convey a realistic picture of zoophiles
  • countering prejudices
  • cooperating with non-zoophiles to arrive at a consensus of how an open lifestyle without discrimination can be enabled


Animal protection:

  • raising awareness on current crimes against animals, including requests for public assistance to resolve the perpetrator
  • identificating of perpetrators and securing evidences, leading to reports to the authorities
  • being available as contact for whomever needs related assistance (e.g. information on current cases or advise on protecting animals against unauthorised persons)
  • educating of zoosexual people on animal behaviour and its interpretation


Knowledge on zoosexuality:

  • holding available information, such as scientific literature or personal accounts
  • enabling the advancing of science and research to gain new insights


Advising and supporting victims of discrimination

  • in case of forced outing by a third party in the private or public sphere
  • in case of illegal actions against zoophiles or non-zoophile supporters and donors
  • in case a zoophile is faced with an emergency or has problems or grief he/she can’t resolve on his/her own