As the term “zoophiles” already says, we love animals and their well-being is very important to us. Thats the reason why we as a society and many members personally fight for animal welfare, especially when it comes to solving of sexually motivated Cruelty to Animals (Zoosadism), for the crime of cruelty to animals are always attributed to us.

Zoosadism – as cruelty to animals in general – is for us a horror. In particular, in our own ranks, we will not tolerate such actions, as we have proven multiple times. If we get information on current cases known, we do extensive research on our blog and start a appeal to get help in the investigation. Can we gather legally sound information, we will forward it immediately to the police and press charges.

We also operate on the active help in clarifying zoosexual crime and convicting the perpetrators addition Crime Prevention: firstly, we urge the Zoosexual themselves to responsible handling of both their own and foreign animals. On the other hand, we set the “normal” keepers useful preventive advice to enable them to protect their animals from zoosexual attacks.