As has been shown, the concerns of zoophiles are not yet sufficiently appreciated in our society today. Thus the rights of our minority were severely curtailed by the legislature recently. Zoophile contacts between humans and animals were classified as misdemeanor. Not only that this happened for no apparent reason – were criminalized by this law those contacts that bring no injuries or other suffering to the animals – who made inflicts suffering animals in the sexual context and makes punishable anyway, and rightly so. However, animals inflict suffering on other grounds is certainly not illegal, and very unjustly …

It’s even in an attempt to criminalize us no end in sight. Powered by making a false propaganda of zoophiles opponents that paint a completely false picture of us, call on some groups even tougher sanctions.

For this reason, we see it as our duty to stand up for the rights of zoophiles and to act as a mediator between the zoophiles and state and society. Because it is important to make the legal and social ills attention and to actively combat.

We zoophiles have always been a part of society and it always will be. We do not disappear, even if you silent about us or criminalized. We need a common solution to existing problems. And to find them, a dialogue must take place. We are ready.