If you would like to join our association as a member to support our cause please use the membership form provided.


  • posting the complete and correctly filled in membership form to the association (our contact data is available here
  • accepting our association charter
  • paying your membership fees² punctually

Under certain circumstances anonymous memberships in, respectively collaboration with, the association is possible. In these cases please contact our chairmen in before.

(1) As an alternative you may scan the membership form and email it to us, or fax it to the following number: +49 (0)3222 9986144. The chairmen will in every case treat your data as confidential and will not share it with third parties.

(2) The regular membership fee is 50€ per year. Should you find yourself unable to fill this fee you may still be eligible for membership. Please contact our chairmen to review your case – with certain restrictions we can apply discretion to adjust your fee to 20€. Because in the end your financial means should not be an impediment to join us.