The following are cause descriptions of the cornerstones which shape our association’s stance on different topics. The first entry is certainly common among other zoosexuality initiatives. However, the other two already display the currently (unfortunately) unique characteristics of our association.

Pro creature:
Since 2002 the protection of animals is defined as a national objective for Germany in the German basic constitutional law. The animal protection law reads:

[translated] …recognising the responsibility of mankind for the animals as fellow creatures, which lives and wellbeing are to be protected. Nobody shall inflict upon an animal unreasonable harm, suffering or injuries.

This association wholeheartedly denounces animal abuse and actively works to minimize any suffering caused by zoosexuality (in this case by zoosadism for the most part). Furthermore the association would like to support any positive aspects which zoophile humans may offer the animals.

Pro human:
Zoophiles will remain a part of society as much as they have been a part of society since its beginning. As fellow humans they deserve the same basic constitutional rights and duties as every other citizen. Through the German basic principle of a free and democratic composure of society, they are entitled to develop their personality within the measure of the law and shall enjoy protection from discrimination.

Our initiative wants to promote that an open zoophile-lifestyle is possible without incurring negative social backlash.

Towards true knowledge, through mutual honesty and openess:
There are many unanswered questions on the topic of “zoophilia/zoosexuality”. Rarely are studies or up-to-date statistics generated. Many zoosexuality related statements are singularely based on the negative manifestations. They therefore do not necessarily carry relevance for the zoophile part of the spectrum. To fill such gaps in understanding we work with the zoophiles, not against them. We do not fully comprehend why other initiatives claim to have the same aims of raising awareness and educating yet lack any detailed interaction with the subjects. Part of the problem that is faced is skewed information, partially even falsified information, polemic arguments and personal attacks up to manhunts.

This association sees itself as a mediator between the zoophile and the non-zoophile community. We’d like to promote the open and honest exchange of ideas and positions to find answers on open questions together. Only through this approach can problems be solved and a better world for humans and animals alike be created.