Many of our opponents speak from us to pursue active animal welfare, and indeed it is difficult today to get involved in animal welfare, if one occurs simultaneously as zoophile person or organization. We even learned that fear of a “Shit Storm” and related donations failures auxiliary tenders were rejected.

For this reason we have also started our donations to trusted animal rights activists to forward, then support the so animal welfare projects.

Others have been brought in the past cruelty to animals for display. Cynical, there are among other images from this case, which are now used in animal welfare circles as “typical example of zoophilia”.

Zoophilia is also an issue, with the relationship between humans and animals can be re-lit. We consider our animal partners as a fully conscious persons also communicated this desire with an individual character, their own free will, the ability and are therefore available for a look at animals, which does not measure its value in the form of usable meat, milk or wool production, but ascribes them a dignity that should be respected and honored by the human society.

-We support animal shelters with donations!
-We support sanctuaries!
-We are private active!
-We try the veracity educate animal welfare-related items!

Please understand that we do not designate where we are active or have been because those who accepted our help were denounced, persecuted and humiliated by fanatical opponents.

We are the ones that report people to veterinary and regulatory agency when an animal damage is inflicted!

An animal welfare, which is directed against zoophilia, contradicts only himself.