Welcome to our website. Here we provide information about zoophilia, which is love and (sexual) partnership with animals. Also you can find here informations about animals in general, which are much underestimated in our society.

If you've never heard of zoophilia, you can find a short introduction in our category Overview, a deeper access is provides by our collection of scientific works we summed up in the category Zoophilia.

In the last years Zoophilia was ever and again topic in the media. Interviews with members of our association can give you a more personal view about who and how we are.

Zoophilia and animal welfare

... go hand in hand. Who loves his pet - and not just platonic - is empathetic enough to see the suffering of other animals and in the boundaries of the own limited resources he or she will try to to help them.

Many zoophiles therefore are active in practical and/or political animal welfare or animal rights, trying to improve the destiny of a single animal or trying to induce little changes for the benefit of the animals in the interest groups who make money with their misery.

A drop in the ocean, but many drops ...

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We do not want ego trips to become TV stars or martyrs, we are fighting for a cause that affects every zoo. It's about the freedom and the well being of us all.

That's why for us everyone is welcome. For every zoophile is important to us. Your opinion is important to us!

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