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Welcome to the webpage of the ZETA association!

And welcome to the unique German swarm-based project addressing zoophilia und zoosexuality. On this webpage we introduce our association and its aims as well as the people behind it and their motivations. Moreover the page pools basic factual information on these topics, for example an explanation of the basic terms, scientific studies or references to further literature.

Our official blog deals with current developments. There we publish opinions, annotations and corrections to keep these pages here simple. The blog serves furthermore as a place to leave your comments on our texts.

If this is your first visit here or if you have been suddenly exposed to the topic for the first time, we suggest to study our introduction first. This way you will acquire an overview of the most important definitions, as well as get to know our association, our projects and our motivations. We hope you will have an interesting time on these pages and would be glad to welcome you to our blog afterwards.

The most recent events: The German parliament tries to reintroduce a ban on bestiality by a revision of the animal protection law. Sexual contact with an animal is to become a misdemeanour with a fine of 25 000 Euros maximum. We already publicised a statement on our blog and an identical press release about this legislative initiative. Should this planned ban come into force we are ready to file a lawsuit against it at the German Constituional Court . News will be found in our blog (in german, please use google translator).